I establish a connection with your Higher Self and other guiding Instances.

These higher aspects are wise, protective, benevolent, insightful and clearing. They provide an overview of your life path as well as the priorities of your present situation. They lend a respectful guidance and a solution-based counselling in accordance with your Free Will.

You will receive clarification and encouraging solutions in your present condition; thus bringing your life in alignment with your higher purpose and your life credo.

Moreover, you can ask 2 questions, if you wish.

You obtain the psychic communication per mail (several pages): the text remaining uncorrected, in order to keep it as it comes through. It is recommended to read the message on several occasions to read between the lines and to unravel new and deeper meanings again and again.

Please send me your last and first name and your date of birth as well as the part of the world where you are residing at the moment.