Once a year, towards end of the year and at the beginning of the new one, I offer personal messages to share the tendencies of coming year  with the help of numerology, astrology and other divining methods, to assist  us to find an optimal orientation into the new year.

Basically, these psychically inspired information pave our way into the future year with helpful tips and a little ritual that initiates us into the main themes of the coming year. We also  to energetically conclude the ending year.

The personal messages have been  internationally known and appreciated for the last 35 years. You obtain your individual message after I have adjusted to your own vibration.

The channelled  messages respect both your privacy and your freewill. They direct us on our path, they are inspiring and always encouraging for they rioginate from the souveignty of the Soul.

Please use the contact formular to contact me. I´m looking forward to hearing from you!