Book author, lecturer and therapist

I was  born in 1953 in Paris.

I have been a psychic since my childhood. I have been consolidating, refining and developing my abilities by working on myself and through numerous trainings as well as gathering valuable experience along my extensive professional carrer as a teacher and a therapist in Europe and the US.

After qualifying as a nurse with additional psychiatric nursing training in England, I worked in the UK, in Switzerland and in Germany.

Besides, I attended further education in lithotherapy, aura reading and aura clearing (auratherapy), aromatherapy, plantar reflexology, flower and mineral essences, in the use of the pendulum and the dowsing rod (radiesthesia) and meditation in England and in Switzerland.

Finally, I completed the “Radionic Practitioner” training at the “British radionic association” along with further studies under David Tansley as well as  private mentoring over several years in Zürich in subtle radionics – without any instrument. I received profound insights and knowledge though the private teachings of exceptional spiritual teachers as well as through my autodidactic research.

Moreover, I benefited from Vicky Wall´s and Mike Booth´s trainings and graduated as an Aura Soma® teacher in colour therapy.

For about 15 years I was the owner of esoteric shops for energetics and spirituality in Munich and Augsburg.

I was a breatharian for 4 years..

In the meantime, I completely recovered from 2 illnesses through self-therapy, naturopathy and information medicine.

I have been practicing Aura reading, Aura clearing (Auratherapy), chakra testing and chakra harmonising in my practice, but also over the phone and in written form for the last 35 years. I  also work with subtle radionics at a distance for humans and animals. My psychic abilities underpin all of my work with clients.

As an author I have written 8 books in German. I translated most of them into French and English. Altogether I published 19 books.

See BoD Bookshop: andélienne-Dauguet/e/B0949J7F6H.